Do you want to work in your free time to make the lives of sick children and their families more beautiful and happier? Is it important for you to make good experiences for yourself and others? You can make it happen with us! Join our volunteers and participate in our fundraiser programs and events organized for children!

You can help our colleagues in the office and warehouse and the nurses of the Dóri House. We are proud of all our helpers who do not regret spending their time and energy for the children of the Dóri House. Small help can also mean a big change. Take just a few hours weekly for charity, and support our foundation's aspirations. Complete your community service or just escape your daily routine and try something new.

There are many reasons why someone wants to be a volunteer. Maybe they want to help a good cause or join a cheerful and open team, increase work experience, or complete community service. The point is always to do something. If you would like to join us, please contact us.

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