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When caring for children with incurable illness, parents and children can meet with many professionals from healthcare. They all play a different role. However, their goal is the same: to provide the service which the children and their families need the most. 

Every member of the family needs support.

If not even the long hospital care can help, most parents nurse their incurable children at home. However, the 24-hour service imposes a huge body and soul burden on the family. The parents are getting more and more exhausted and because they do not have enough energy for them, the other kids feel neglected.

The help of child hospice covers all members of the family. The discharge service provides the physical and spiritual support of the parents who have been exhausted by the nursing care of their child by taking over their burden.

This is why child hospice became the third helper besides hospital and home care for the children.

Family care often involves years of social and spiritual support.

The staff of the Light Of My Eye Foundation are working on 7/24, so every day of the week, to provide nursing care for them that they need so much. But without you it wouldn’t work because in exchange for the support of our families we don’t gain money but gratitude and smile.

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