Child-patient delivery

As of 1 December 2008, the previously non-existing pediatric transport became officially recognized as a separate service. The Light Of My Eye Foundation carries out general pediatric transport and also the transport of children with special needs such as transplanted, dialyzed, disabled, etc.

Currently we have a specifically child ambulance and two ambulances which are among the country's most advanced cars designed for this purpose. Our territorial service obligations in Baranya county range from 0 to 14 years old children, thereby we are responsible for about 60000 children’s pediatric transport.

Our cars go about 20-25 thousand kilometers annually not only in Baranya county, in South Transdanubia but in the whole country. We transport children patients almost every day for our oncological treatments from Zala and Somogy counties.

Children and their families, in many cases, have to struggle with financial difficulties so they can not make the journey happen otherwise.

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