Child hospice

About the child hospice

The services of the child hospice house are available for children and young adults between 0-24 years of age who suffer from chronic or incurable diseases. The house adjusts to the needs of the families as much as possible. The Foundation's team of professionals will do their utmost to provide the most complete spiritual, social and physical support to children and their parents who can later keep good memories of the time spent in the Dóri house.

Day care means that the child arrives in the morning and goes home in the afternoon or in the evening. This makes it easier for those parents who are busy during the day and therefore can’t look after their child then.

This means 21 days a year when the family can arrive at Dóri House or the child can move there alone. It includes 24 hours care for the child and the family. Parents can give their children with a peace of mind to the competent staff of the Dóri House while having the opportunity for recreation.
Transit service after a long hospital stay helps families re-integrate into the home environment. The nursing staff of the children's hospice house teaches parents the special nursing techniques required by the child's illness and condition.

In the so called home child hospice service the professional team which includes nurses, psychotherapists and, if necessary, psychologists, social workers and dietitians visits the home of the ill children. This way they can live their lives with the peace and harmony offered by their family home.

When the infant reaches the terminal state due to the incurable disease, we provide palliative care in the Dóri House for 24 hours with the assistance of a multidisciplinary team. The end-of-life care system is where we set up an end-of-life plan with the assistance of the parents or sometimes the young patient.

Baby hospice is the special service of the Light Of My Eye Foundation. During the baby hospice, we provide support to any family who has lost their child during pregnancy, at birth or shortly after birth.

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