The Light Of My Eye Foundation is thankful for every legacy offerings which help operate our child hospice house.

Preparing to death is a difficult task. Often, not only the unknown alarm the people about to die, but the idea of ​​the world going on without them can be frightening as well. Many will therefore make a will to sort things out that they are forced to leave here.

It is a touching thing when a dying person takes care of the rest of us staying here. Often, in addition to family members, an organization that operates for a noble cause is included among the beneficiaries of the will as well. It is a sign of responsibility when somebody supports those who need it the most and donates for a noble cause. People who need help will exist even when we are gone.

Any kind of donation means a lot that can be spent on our children's home.

Thank you if the Light of My Eye Foundation is included in your will!

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