Gratitude stone

Gratitude stone in the service of the children’s lives.

Gratitude is one of the key elements of the Law of Attraction. When you give thanks to yourself and others, it produces a powerful vibration that will come back to you in the form of positive energy and love. The gratitude stone is a stone which fills up with the feeling of gratitude. You can always carry with you. The gratitude stone is a discreet reminder to you to remember all the good things in life that can cause joy. Such as health, it’s not given to all children! We, at the Light Of My Eye Foundation, as the creators of the Hungarian child hospice movement and as the operators of the Dóri House, believe that every child life matters.

The spirit of the gratitude stone changes everything in our lives. The soul feels lighter, our thinking becomes clearer, our relationships become stronger. Grateful people are considered to be the happiest. Gratitude develops physical and emotional health, strengthens relationships and communities. Gratitude will bless your life, lift it up. It gives energy, inspires and transforms. People are touched, open and humble while expressing gratitude. The price of the gratitude stone is 5,000 HUF (but you can add any amount to it). Shipping: from the beginning of May 2017.

There are children who aren’t lucky enough to live a long life. We are for them and for the people who love them the most!

We don’t give minutes to life, we give life to minutes!

We want to build the first professional child hospice complex of our country, the Butterfly House. We purchased its land, prepared the plans but we didn’t have the resources left to start the construction.

This could be done quickly by selling 10,000 pieces. Help us!

Buy a gratitude stone and support incurable children with 5000 HUF!

One of life’s most important rules is the rule of giving and getting. Those who can give selflessly will get it back in some kind of form in their life for sure. Great corporate or family gift! If you would like to have a gratitude stone, please transfer your support to one of the bank accounts of the Light Of My Eye Foundation and enter the phrase “gratitude stone” as reference of the transfer! Please send us your mail address to so that we can mail it to you!

Every time I touch this stone I look for something I can be grateful for. Since then, I put this stone in my pocket while getting dressed in the morning and think of all the goods I am grateful for during the day. This method works wonderfully.

- Lee Brower

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