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When you offer 1% of your personal income to the operation of the first Hungarian child hospice, Dóri House, you make the life of countless families easier, those who are in the most difficult time of their life as they are raising a child suffering from incurable illness.

Remember, when we make someone’s day more beautiful, we have changed the course of the world! Why wouldn’t we do this in a way that really doesn’t cost us anything? Every year, we can offer 1% of our personal income tax to a non-governmental organization whose work we highly appreciate.

It’s well-known that only four out of ten taxpayers do this. The amount of money allocated to civilians in this way has helped a lot of noble cases, which has served the benefit of our whole society. Such a very important area is the children's hospice, which is getting more in focus by The Light Of My Eye Foundation in Hungary.

In most cases, diseases arrive unexpectedly and the affected families feel isolated. They get further and further from the reality of everyday life, they often defend themselves by “building” walls surrounding them. In these cases attention, some liberated hours or a couple of days of loving care can help them out of joint solitude. The Light of the Eye Foundation has undertaken this difficult but grateful mission to operate the pediatric transport and the children's hospice.

The free of charge Dóri House provides shelter not only for the ill children but also for their families. Our guests spend their days in an ordinary, cozy place far away from the bustle and permanent noises of hospitals. Our trained nurses, therapists and family support staff make every effort to ensure that all our guests feel that they aren’t alone in the trouble.

Please help us by offering 1% of your personal income tax to the Light Of My Eye Foundation for children suffering from incurable diseases While submitting personal income tax return please make a declaration about the 1% disposition to our tax number which is 18321407-2-02, thus contributing to our services.

Thank you for your generous offering!

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